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About Us


Hexicons vision is to be the world’s leading designer and developer of the most cost-efficient and state-of-the-art floating solutions, for the growing market of offshore renewable energy.


Existing offshore conditions offers an unparalleled opportunity for us to have a decisive impact upon our planet’s need for renewable energy. The industry’s development is of vital importance for a more flexible and profitable renewable energy production.

Hexicons mission is to take the lead role as developer of the coming generations of floating platforms for a more efficient, flexible and profitable offshore renewable energy production. By offering optimized engineering and deliver profitable project solutions for floating wind power, we will supply the world with renewable energy.

Hexicon acknowledge the importance of cooperation and collaboration with industry key-players so that we together can create the future we all visualize and desire. It is also of importance for Hexicon to utilize various market channels in order to generate increased market knowledge, interest and acceptance for floating energy solutions.


We believe that understanding and setting core values helps the organization deliver added value to all stakeholders. The Hexicon team has set the values that are the core of what we stand for, and that reflects our way of working, acting and thinking.

Innovation - is our foundation

A creative environment is essential for our product development and the creation of innovative solutions.

Quality – is our cornerstone

Through commitment to our Quality Management System and by encouraging and rewarding continuous improvements, we ensure the quality of our products and services, thereby securing our competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Teamwork – is our strength 

An open communication and sharing of knowledge, together with a collaborative and learning approach, is a key to our and our client’s success and long-term relationships.

Professionalism – in everything we do

By demonstrating competence, accountability and reliability we can ensure high integrity and create added value to all of our stakeholders.